Long queues

Current MRI acquisition techniques are associated with long procedure times. Therefore, only a limited number of patients may receive the MRI scan.

Long procedure

Detailed scan of the brain requires approximately 30-60 minutes. Moreover, every patient movement is making quality of the image worse.

High costs

Long procedure times disable splitting the costs between many patients. Additionally, radiologists’ time is used ineffectively. As result prices might reach 25,000 USD for a single scan.

We solve them all

Magnalysis created a cloud based technology that improves the speed and accuracy of MRI scans. Unlike the traditional when scans are assessed after of hour-long procedure, Magnalysis uses AI and deep learning techniques to perform real time image reconstruction and analytics. The aim of the technology is to reduce the time it takes for an average MRI scan by 50%.


Scan time reduction


Cost reduction per machine

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Acess MR images Anywhere. Anytime.

Magnalysis service provides with remotes secure access to imaging data. Write diagnoses and analyse scans on the go.

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Who can use Magnalysis?


Their unmet need is acceleration of MRI, assistance while analyzing the scan and existence of a central scan ledger.

Department heads

Their unmet need are long patient queues and high cost of MRI which makes it less affordable. Additionally, MRI is associated with high maintenance and set up costs.

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Easy to Use Workstation and Mobile Application

No more costly visualisation hardware and yearly updates. One subscription. All services online. In one place at a lower cost.

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Magnalysis is very user friendly

We are continuosly reviewing our product to guarantee radiologists the smoothest experience. Every feature matters! Magnalysis collects reviews from customers to adapt the product to your needs.